Friday, May 13, 2011

Air Dry Clay Art Doll

I finally tried out an air dry clay for my dolls and I love it! I'm used to polymer clay so this stuff feels weird to work with but I love being able to add more clay after it dries, not worry about dust and bits sticking to it as it just gets sanded away...and no baking needed. It's a refreshing change to dabble in a new medium.

I bought a block of LaDoll clay in 2008 and it sat on the shelf until now, 2011. Once it is opened it needs to be used up fairly quickly or it could dry out. I am keeping it in a ziploc bag but still, one little air leak and it's all gone. I was scared to use it and have it go to waste, or mess it sat, and sat...increasing the chance of it drying out in the package just from age! lol

Here are some pictures of this little 6" doll in the making...

The next air dry clay doll I made doesn't have acrylic eyes, they are hand painted. Also trying out a more simple way to make hands and feet, just stubs. This will help make the doll making process faster and I will be able to sell these dolls for a lower price than some of my other ones.

...and the next one

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